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Part 2 - The Triple Sun & the Four
The development of the number four as a cross, rectangle. The meaning of the trapezoid is introduced. There is also a close analysis of the Platonic Idea of the Divided Line & the Triple Sun (according to the Emperor Julian).
Excerpt From "Part 2 - The Triple Sun & the Four":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Pt. 2"
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The diameter is the simplest form of 2 in the chart. A lot of the other twos are arithmetic, and only producable after you have counted to a bigger number. For example, if we take the 10 planets, the 2nd is the 2nd of ten, not just the 2nd of two, or a 'two' in itself. The same can be said for the 2nd of the twelve houses, or twelve signs -- they're certainly two, but really two/twelfths, borrowing their twoness from some other source than their own meaning.
Unity is found in every element of the chart, but the pure form of the two is something that is actually quite rare in the chart. We find it in the 'axes' of the chart, in that the Ascendant/Descendent are a two, and the Midheaven/Nadir are a two; and we can even say that these two axes together are a two as much as they're a four. That's because you really can't create the Ascendant without producing the Descendent, and the same goes for the Midheaven/Nadir axis. The only other place we really find the two in astrology is in the figure of the opposition (whether in the natal chart, or by transit, or progression).
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