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Part 3 - Five, Quintiles
This chapter is primarily about the miracle and magic of the sun, the Solar Logos, and the soul's comprehension of these. Understanding of this will inform our interpretation of the dignities of the chart and the quintiles.
This section introduces the remarkable harmony and power of Five, including its manifestations in Buddhism, Platonism, and the Quintile.
The conjunction quintile and biquintile map the cycle of creativity and originality in the human psyche while revealing the world of art symbolism and culture they do not necessarily show much of the soul - for that we need an understanding of Dhyân Buddhas. These five meditating Buddhas generate individuality within the human soul and engender soul in every individual.
Excerpt From "Part 3 - Five, Quintiles":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Pt. 3"
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The formation of an analogy is the action of the Sun; the Sun itself allows the existence of analogy or ratio; if you bring out the idea of the cakras, you are able to talk about the relationship of one state of consciousness to another; without them there is no implied causality or relation. What this is all about, really, is that eventually, when you see the sun in the sky and, more importantly, when you experience a transit to your natal Sun, you are having a moment of opportunity to contact something as far up as the Good Itself. This is not an analogy in the sense of it being a theoretical metaphor; it is an analogy as being an existential or magical act. A recognition that when you are looking at a physical object as light that has already begun to release you from an objective, subjective, or materialistic perspective. If you understand light as consciousness, and consciousness as light, you are home free. There is then not a question of how one thing affects another. There's a Catch-22 here -- if you don't see it that way, you'd better not say it that way. We are going to work toward that understanding, and what is eventually going to get us there is the divided line and its friends, the pentagon and the number 5.
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