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Introduction to the Pictures:
In preparing the pictures for this website I found myself gravitating to the two places I have been which are unequivocal sources of silence, grandeur, and power - qualities I also find in astrology and philosophy. The temples of Kanchipuram mean many things to many people, visitors and natives alike - and they have done so for millennia. The same can be said of the stone circles of Scotland and the Western Isles. Again, the same can be said of jñâna and astrology. I am offering ...[read more]
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·Shankaracarya (68th)
:: India: Ekambaranathar (Shiva) Temple ::
Courtyard (Panorama)
Temple (Detail 1)
Temple (Detail 2)
:: India: Kamakoti Peetam Mutt ::
Alley (Panorama)
:: India: Kamakshi Temple ::
Gopura (CU)
Eastern Gopura (outside)
:: India: Kanchipuram Street Scenes ::
:: India: Mamallapuram Temples ::
Durga Temple 2 (Gargoyle)
:: Scotland: Circle of Brodgar ::
Brodgar 9 (Panorama)
:: Scotland: Scottish Islands ::
Orkney 2 (Panorama)
Orkney 3 (North Sea)
Orkney 4 (Gurness - Broch)
Orkney 5 (Gurness - Room)
Skye 1 (Kilt Rocks)
Skye 2 (Pond)
Skye 3 (Waterfalls)
Skye 4 (nr. Staffin- Panorama)
:: Scotland: Scottish Highlands ::
:: Teacher: Anthony Damiani ::
Sweden (1980)
At Amherst (1984)
:: Teacher: Dalai Lama ::
:: Teacher: Paul Brunton ::
Sunset (1970s)
:: Teacher: Shankaracarya (68th) ::
35 years-old (c. 1929)
In his Sixties (1950s - mid)
Offerings (1980s)
Mutt Tree (Early 1980s)
Floral Malas (1980s)
In a Tank (1989)
With Powar (1989)
:: Timothy: Over the Years ::
At Mutt (1988)
At Mutt (1989)
:: Miscellaneous: Companions and Associates ::
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