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A Search in Secret Egypt
search in secret egypt coverA Search in Secret Egypt    - NEW!
by Paul Brunton
Edited by Timothy J. Smith and Kira Lallas
ISBN: 978-0-93914-98-5
Published: 2007
Pages: 304
Images: 270
Retail: $110.00
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This new, special illustrated edition is packed with 270 images, most of which are not found in earlier editions (earlier editions only have about one sixth the imagery).
"Let us who live today draw some lesson from the vanished past of Egypt and learn to interpret the hieroglyph of our own existence, giving our own lives to the things which are worthwhile, to the enduring things, to the faithful following of the diviner dictates of the soul. Every fragmentary statue, every broken column, every scattered limestone remnant of Egypt's temples bids us do this and thus live without fear, without regrets and with the high assurance that the Eternal Good will Itself ever be our guide and support."
- Paul Brunton, from "Egyptian Notes" p. 11 (unpublished)*
A Search in Secret Egypt is an inward journey of initiation into the first great secret of spiritual awakening: our home is not the body, but the soul. This book presents the reader with a uniquely focused exploration of ancient and modern Egypt; Paul Brunton goes in search of the secret hinted at by the mysterious Sphinx and deepened by his visions during his night in the Great Pyramid - the secret means by which humankind can realize its spiritual destiny. The author introduces us to the faith-based power of a real snake-charmer (and becomes one himself!); he encounters a working magician, a renowned fakir (Tahra Bey - Houdini's main competitor), and even his own former self, now a ghostly presence amongst the ruins of Karnak.
If this book was only meant to display occult phenomena for our entertainment, it would do that job admirably, for it is a compelling account of many extraordinary, and somehow believable experiences. But what sets this book apart is not its occultism, nor is it the author's command of Egyptology, Asian history, nor his openness to Islam. It is the thread that runs through all these adventures that makes this book an essential part of every seeker's library, and that thread is symbolized by the mysteries of the Sphinx, the King's Chamber, and the myth of Osiris. Paul Brunton applies all his erudition and insight towards unlocking their deepest meanings; as he does so the purpose and value of each encounter with a Dervish chief or a temple bas-relief contributes to the successful unlocking of these age-old puzzles.
If you haven't read this book before, you should! and if you have read it, read it again! It is a book of many secrets, and hides its greatest one in plain sight: it is here that Paul Brunton unveils the importance, method and consequences of properly seating the body in the mind. Once assimilated, the doors of occult perception are opened, and they open directly into the truly magical kingdom of the Soul itself.
This new specially illustrated edition is designed to let you see for yourself all that the author saw on his own journey. There are maps to guide you through Karnak, Luxor, and Cairo; there are author's own photographs which document his adventures, including his deadly work with the village snake-charmer (who ultimately lost his life to a venomous cobra); and of course there are wonderful, inspiring images of the magical power and vivid mysteries which abound in the Egyptian landscape!
* Selections from the unpublished notebook "Egyptian Notes" are included in the Companion to Search in Secret Egypt, which will be published in late 2007.
Special Features:
• 82 Original B&W photos taken by Paul Brunton
• 144 New color photographs
• 44 Diagrams, drawings, and maps (Karnak, Luxor, and Cairo)
• 7.5" wide x 11.25" high
• Fine coated paper
• Hardbound cloth edition
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  all rights reserved