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Part 1 - One, Two, and Three:
This begins our exploration of simple numbers and their application to natal astrology. In the first part we explore the meaning of a point, conjunction, the opposition, and the triangle - including an exploration of Euclid's seven types of triangles and their application to astrology.
Excerpt From Part 1 - "One, Two, and Three":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Pt. 1"
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When the Platonists speak about geometry, they're speaking a vision which has no emotion, no mysticism, it is a pure metaphysical vision. The platform for acquiring this vision is a tightly woven logic that doesn't make any assumptions or 'leaps of faith.' If we can endure the aridity of this logic and the vision it produces, we'll get a chance to see how the mind works when it works on itself.
The point is the basis of a conjunction, a defined direction in space (like the ascendant), the placement of a planet. Everything that we choose to examine in astrology begins with a point -- there is no element in the chart that isn't a point.
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