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My astrological work has two main directions:
Exploring the relationship between metaphysics and astrology, as laid out in Astronoesis by Anthony Damiani and foreshadowed in Neo-Platonic Number Symbolism.
Applying philosophy to individual horoscopes and also developing and using practical tools.
These images are available as downloads for free or for sale. Most of them are in color, but some are black and white outlines that can be colored in.
In this section you will find some of my teacher's (mentioned below) own works, and selected translations from various classic works, both with and without my own additional commentary.
Timothy J. Smith is pleased to announce the almost debut of this new web site. Some content of interest:
FAQs: Astrology, Philosophy, Paul Brunton, Cleansing Techniques, &etc., questions.
Pictures: Lots of visual inspiration: Kamakoti Peetam Mutt, Shiva Temple, My Teachers, Scottish Islands, plus more.
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