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The Flowering of Reality Intro:
This brief article is primarily a textual companion to a series of diagrams which map the super-abundance of Brahman. It follows the geometric consequences of generating a vesica. This symbolizes Reality making an image of itself - an image called Maya by some and Being by others. Once this second circle emerges, a further two circles emerge - representing Life and Intellect (or Prâña and Îshvara). For the rest, read the article!
Excerpt From "The Flowering of Reality":
"The Flowering of Reality"
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Let us draw a circle, taking it as a perfect non-dualism of uniqueness and infinity - not as a bound figure - and label it "Real." This Real is either attributeless or has attributes. To the extent that it it's attributeless, it is beyond any conversation, experience or realization - even by a God - for as attributeless, the Real is not even Real. To define it as attributeless is to commit sophistry - to give up any effort of definition without taking the blame. Therefore, we must consider The Real as attribute. Each Attribute - Anuttara, Absolute, Beyond Being, THAT, Brahman, The One (of Plotinus) couldn't possibly come and go, develop, emerge or withdraw. Each attribute is neither an aspect or a synonym for any other attribute here. The proper apprehension and use of any attribute contains its own self-dissolution and remoteness; to compare any two or more is to fall from dangerous vision to toying with glass beads.
Whichever attribute we address, we will find that attribute refutes all measure - even such measures as infinity and eternity. This refutation of Measure as Attribute Real = Being as inhering 'within' Reality. But as such, there is a distinction within Reality. Such a distinction - the number of Being - cannot be endured entirely within Reality. Thus Being emerges a bit from Reality.
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