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2. Christ Principle and Jesus
a. Is the Christ principle the Atman, the Buddhi, the "we", all of these, wending its way into our consciousness, becoming our individual Overself?
How do I say this? No! No!! No!!! You might as well call mustard yellow chocolate! Without writing pages, let's see if this makes sense: 'The Christ Principle is that aspect of the Idea of Man which links Soul (Purusha) to Atman, providing for the occasion of an avatar. When the Purusha and Buddhi (the evolving soul and the pure mind) are linked, then there is 'We' which is capable of responding to the presence of Atman. That response of the evolving Soul now resonant with Atman through the inspiration of the Christ-like Avatar, is the source or place of our Individual Overself.
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