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The Mâñd:ûkyopanis:ad Intro:
Excerpt From "The Mâñd:ûkyopanis:ad":
"The Mâñd:ûkyopanis:ad"
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There are really two only two problems in life: 1) What is real in our experience? 2) How can we trust any answer to that question? We may not always care whether a given event, relationship, or meaning is authentic; but when we do care, we care very much. And when we care, we want to know that the answer we get is one we can count on. What follows is simply an effort to deal with these problems. If any answers appear, they will soon give way to deeper, more pressing expressions of the problem.
The Mandukyopanishad book focuses on the four states of consciousness specifically as mystical and metaphysical principles. I give special attention to the sacred geometry presented in these verses, and to the insertion of Ishvara between Prajna and Turiya.
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