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Studies in KCB, Chapter 4 Intro:
Gives the student a glimpse into the remarkable writings of Krishñacandra Bhattacharyya, and into the careful reasoning of Sâm'khya. The primary focus of this work is to understand the activity of cosmic consciousness - buddhi - as the source of phenomena and as the existential root of our ordinary awareness.
Excerpt From "Studies in KCB, Chapter 4":
Sâm'khya envisions the cosmos in three layers: the causing, the caused and causing, and the caused. To this is added a fourth ingredient, the un-caused, or acausal manifestation. The three strata associated with causality is further differentiated into various principles or Tattvas. Each of these principles has its own unique structure, but they are all understood to be of the same substance - the guñas. In fact, the arisal and relationships of the various tattvas is characterized as the activity of these guñas. To understand the guñas fully, we must understand their shapes - the tattvas, and, naturally, to understand the tattvas, we must understand the guñas. These two phases of understanding are much more than conceptual exercises. When the tattvas are understood, the hypnotizing effect of the chaotic cosmos is quelled, and jñâna emerges as the detached awareness of the liberating soul. When the guñas are understood, that liberation is complete. The apparent jackstraw conceptualism of Sâm'khya philosophy applies only to its conceptual husk; when approached and experienced as the exfoliation of Soul by reason, it is a powerful spiritual antiseptic, capable of removing much of the ego's grip upon our experience.
The first layer of the cosmos is understood as the container and cause of the cosmos. To the unenlightened, it is said, the container is Prakriti - Nature Herself - and the cause is Purus:a - the evolving soul. To the enlightened, or awakened individual, the Soul is known as the container, and Nature, Prakriti, is known as the cause. The reversal of these definitions is outlined through reason, and achieved through the six equi-valent samâdhis of yoga.
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