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faqs :: PB - Recollections of Him
2. Advice Given
Did PB ever give direct advice or direction?
Yes. Although it varied from person to person and question to question. I remember being present when a couple asked him to bless their new vegetarian restaurant. He commented to me after they left: "I'm not a businessman, and although my blessing will help them, it has nothing to do with making their business successful or not."
At one time, through a series of questions he drew out of me my own choice of profession - astrologer - showing me what was already within me. In another instance, during my first visit, when Alan Berkowitz and I were both preparing to leave, Alan said: "I've never been to Europe before; are there any places or people that I should see?" PB paused, and then proceeded to lay out a month long itinerary during which Alan met many of PB's European students. 'What a great question' I thought to myself: let me ask it too. So I did. "Well," said PB, "you could go to Iona, if you like." That was it. So I went to Iona - where I met the founders of Findhorn, and had several weeks of interesting meditations. I would say that PB certainly gave direction from time to time, but preferred to assist a person in finding their own guidance from within themselves, and providing them with the tools and understanding to do so.
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