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3. PB's Colleagues and Contemporaries
a. Did PB say that his holiness Paramacharya Chandrasekara Saraswathi was "the greatest being on the planet?"
Students' comment: Shankaracarya did not teach enlightenment because he had the responsibility of being the head of the Mutt.
First a couple of personal comments - when I report what PB has said, it is because I asked him, or because he offered an unsolicited comment - something He rarely did, and so I paid close attention to those moments. His remarks regarding the exalted state of Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi were of the latter type - PB just started talking about Him. I had the life-long blessing of visiting - and having a few conversations - with His Holiness in the last few years of His life (I also met with Jayandra). My meditations in the presence of Shankaracarya opened a remarkable glimpse of His Darshan. I have therefore to disagree - my experience is that Shankaracarya DID teach enlightenment by Silence - the greatest way of all.
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