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1. Biography
Bits and Pieces
'Randy' (Paul really) Cash and I are the chief editors of the PB Notebook series; a position assigned to us posthumously by PB, and as a result, possibly, of our sojourns with him: we each spent the better part of a year directly working with him in his last years.
I was the secondary editor on the PB Notebook project, and lived with PB as his secretary etc. in the next-to-last year of his life.
My other interests include astrology - which I better like, since that's how I've made my living for 35 years! Anthony Damiani got me started in this direction & I studied with him for 17 years, until his death.
I have been a practicing astrologer for 30 years, and have done personal face-to-face (or phone) readings for 50,000 people (thereabouts). Really. I have taught astrology around here, and have had the opportunity to discuss astrology with Paul Brunton, Anthony Damiani, and some other luminaries.
I am married to a wonderful woman who likes her privacy; we have the good fortune to share our interests in spiritual and esoteric pursuits, as well as taking delight in the lighter side of life.
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