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2. Meaning of the Quadrants
What are the basic meanings of the House Quadrants?
Regarding the quadrants: The following are a few brief thoughts of mine regarding the greater divisions of the houses into midnight-to dawn (the first quadrant), sundown to midnight (second); noon to sundown (third) and sunrise to noon (fourth). The counterclockwise numbering is traditional and is based on the fact that planets in the midnight-to-dawn sector will be the FIRST to rise in the moments following the time of the horoscope; those in the sundown to midnight sector will be second, and so forth.
As with any group of astrological definitions, all the descriptions should be internally consistent and work on the same level, which is always an important cross-check for any astrology map (i.e. the meaning of the first quadrant shouldn't be deeper than the meaning of the second etc.). If I have not succeeded in doing so, make your own adjustments.
Q1: SPIRIT: Sensitivity to being ruled from within, listening to the wisdom of the body, learning from the simplicity of daily life. Discovering, accepting, developing one's strengths and weakness, one's personality & character, and style or voice. Independence. SELF-reliance; individuality and isolation. Eccentricity or Example.
Q2: NATURE: The seasons and the animal wisdom of Nature inform us (how to be pregnant, how to be old, how to be aggressive, how to be timid); listening to the impersonality of the seasons & the arrow of time; assimilating the family patterns; learning to play; learning to work. Becoming Normal, able to live in any century, on any continent by 'carrying water & chopping wood.'
Q3: SOCIETY: Cultural heritage, science, art, language and the occult inform us (how to see patterns, how to make rituals, how to be civilized); listening to the integrity of other souls, to the power of the group, to the momentum of history. Learning to be faithful - to spouse, culture, religion. Learning to question and learning to answer. Becoming Civilized but not effete; learning to Belong.
Q4: HUMANITY: Attention to the flow of events, awareness of the energy of one's own epoch; knowing when to tune in, when to drop out. Listening to technology, learning from pop-culture, smelling the force of evolution, seeing the fate of nations. Learning to rebel and to accept. Becoming Human, learning to be Modern.
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