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1. Lights of Angles
How do you view the angles in the chart?
The Ascendant, MC, IC, Descendant, and Moon's Nodes are all doorways. Each one is created through the intersection of two different co-ordinate systems. These are: Local (the circle of our horizon and "up"); Global (Latitude and Longitude); Lunar (the orbit of the Moon); and Solar (the ecliptic or Zodiac).
The Ascendant and Descendant are created through the intersection of the horizon (Local) and the Zodiac (Solar). The wisdom of the Solar Deity shines directly into our immediate and personal 'space' through these doorways. In the natal chart, the Ascendant = light of Soul shining into our own Subject; and the Descendant = light of Soul shining through Others.
The Midheaven and Nadir are created through the intersection of Global (Longitude) and the Zodiac (Solar). The Light of Sol Invictus shines down into the state of the World at large, showing us our place in it, and drawing us together with others in our geo-historical environment. In the natal chart, through the Midheaven we can enter into various cultures or world events; at the Nadir, we enter into the world of Nature - which includes the common experiences of our gender, age, and exposure to climate.
The Nodes are created through the intersection of the Lunar and Solar coordinate systems - the orbit of the Moon and the Zodiac. These are the doorways of immortality (North) and mortality (South), for here the entire realm of creatures - the sub-lunar - is given access to the pathways of the Gods - the Zodiac. The Nodes have no link to our immediate experience, and vice-versa; they have to do with the whole of our life or lives. At the North Node we are presented with a Glimpse, a glimpse of our pathway directly into the light, which is renewed and ever-present; more a Now than a Tomorrow. At the South Node we enter the history of our own creation, which is both Yesterday and Tomorrow.
So much Light - and still the ego finds shadows to inhabit!
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