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Quadrant Counts:
This simple technique helps people 'see' their own charts without having to recognize any particular symbols. It's just a matter of counting the number of planets in each quarter of the chart - and applying a simple interpretation to the result.
Excerpt From "Quadrant Counts":
"Quadrant Counts"
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The simplest subdivision of the natal chart is into halves: what is above the horizon and what is below (artificial vs. natural). It can also be divided along the meridian into an eastern half and western half (assertive vs. receptive). When these two divisions are combined, we get four quarters in the chart, which are identical to our natural subdivisions of the day: morning, afternoon, evening, and night (profession, relationships, natural development, and self-exploration).
Each of these halves and quarters can be correlated with a basic area of human experience and weighted according to the planetary allocations of a given chart. In order to keep this technique simple, I use the 10 planets commonly used by astrologers today (sun through pluto). In fact, when first introducing a client to their chart, I often simply place hash marks or numbers in each sector - something that the 'begin' page of Solar fire™ does for you. This allows the client an opportunity to participate in a first exploration of their chart - as they don't have to recognize any astrological symbols, but can easily see where their own chart has strengths and weaknesses.
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