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Reference Material for Numbers and Astrology:
These texts are primarily reference material for numbers and astrology. Both of these extracts and original works are valuable contributions to numbers and astrology. They are presented here as a broad sampling of ancient and modern thinking on these topics. I recommend you read the original works.
This is the only part of the "Number Symbolism in Astrology" document available for free. You may download it at any time, see link below.
Excerpt from "Reference Material for Numbers and Astrology":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Ref."
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From Plotinus 6-1-15: Next we come to Being, fully realized and this is the seat of Number; by Number Being brings forth the Beings; its movement is planned to Number; it establishes the numbers of its offspring before bringing them to be, in the same way as it establishes its own unity by linking pure Being to the First: the numbers do not link the lower to the First; it suffices that Being is so linked; for Being, in taking form as Number, binds its members to itself. As a unity it suffers no division, remaining self-constant; as a thing of division, containing its chosen total of members, it knows that total and so brings forth the number, a phase therefore of its content: its development of parts is ruled by the powers of Number, and the Beings it produces sum to that Number. Thus Number, the primal and true, is Principle and source of actuality to the Beings.
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