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Part 6 - Grand Cross, Mystic Rectangle, Trapezoids
This section concludes the discussions of the five and returns to exploration of trapezoid in the natal chart.
Excerpt From "Part 6 - Grand Cross, Mystic Rectangle, Trapezoids":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Pt. 6"
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The soul is something that works on 2 levels which are connected to each other. One level is greater than the other level -- that higher level is the soul's permanent locus in itself, while the lower level is the soul's association with its psycho-somatic offspring. Depending on a variety of inner conditions and philosophic inclinations, one phase is usually exalted above the other -- but in themselves, they're just two equally significant aspects of the human soul. Is the soul inside the body, or is the body inside the soul? The answer depends on which soul you're referring to. The Bhagavad Gita says: "When we are aware of the soul in the body, we find it in the heart." However, a better translation of that verse is: "When we are in the heart, the body is in the soul."
We can symbolize this relation of the higher and lower soul in many ways, but the one that's relevant is the trapezoid. (See, this wasn't a digression at all!) The trapezoid is a more appropriate image than any other quadrilateral, because it offers us two lines that are parallel to each other, connected at their extremities, and yet one of the lines is shorter than the other. Before we consider this figure in an individual chart, let's look at it a little more. The soul is a unity in duality, the barest one-many (a one-two) available. The trapezoid demonstrates many characteristics that we also find in the human soul -- it has two levels, it isn't perfect, but is a containment within a greater whole (the circle for the trapezoid, and the Intellectual Principle (God) for the Soul), it has an internal structure that isn't accessible from outside itself, and it contains a specified variety of life-forms (the 4 triangles) within itself.
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