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Part 7 - Loose Ends; BJ King & Merton's Charts
This short section is a completion of class examples on trapezoid and the soul with a collection of anecdotes about Paul Brunton (P.B.).
Excerpt From "Part 7 - Loose Ends; BJ King & Merton's Charts":
"Number Symbolism in Astrology Pt. 7"
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What is the Soul? What do the Greeks mean by the soul? How do you know something is soul and not body, or psyche, or being? That part of the Soul which is indivisible is Here, and that part which is divisible is There. How do we know that? If I have an experience of inspiration, internally or externally, there is a sense of immortality, eternity, of something pure and enduring and timeless. These qualities remain pretty much the same regardless of the content that stimulates them. When you are in an inspired state, it feels homogenous. It is not something that can be partitioned, or examined from a distance -- to reflect on the state of inspiration successfully means that you contact that state in the consideration of it, otherwise you're only reflecting on an image of it. Everything else is a way of denying or partitioning the inspiration. It, in itself, is not something that is divisible. You can't really say what the ingredients are that make an experience soulful. Why is one content inspired and another merely creative? It simply is, or is not inspired. It's inspired, it's indivisible.
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